Children’s Book of the Month – February 2013

Check out Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom and the Challenges of Bad Hair by C.C. Payne.

For fifth-grader Lula Bell Bonner, being the school freak in her Tennessee town wouldn’t be so bad if bully (and former BFF) Kali wasn’t constantly reminding her of it. At least she has kindhearted Grandma Bernice and her words of wisdom, as well as preparing for the school talent show, in which to take comfort. But when her grandmother dies unexpectedly, Lula’s grief drives out all desire to perform. Drawing upon inspiration from her musician father, a practical approach to life (and bullies) from estranged classmate Alan, and the spirit of Grandma Bernice, Lula not only finds the courage to sing at the talent show but to confront Kali and renew her friendship with Alan.

Reserve your copy today or ask a Librarian for help. It’s that easy!

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