Public Computers

What does a child need to get on a public computer?

How can I be sure that my printouts will be good?

Can I use my own paper?

How do I get a refund?

Who do I contact if I have problems using the printing system?

What happens if there's not enough money on my card?

Are there limitations on how much money I can add to my Library Card/Copy Card?

Can a job sent to the printer from the Release Station be cancelled or stopped from printing?

What happens to print jobs that are sent to the Release Station, but not printed?

What happens if I lose my Library Card or Copy Card?

How do I print if I do not have a West Babylon Public Library Card?

How can I check my card balance?

How do I add money to my Library Card?

How does the Uniprint printing system work?

How much does printing cost?

What is Uniprint?

Will Pharos keep a history of my Internet activity?

Can I request a specific computer?

What if the Internet goes down?

If I forget to log out, will I lose all of my time?

How do I log off?

If I have to use the restroom, will I be timed out when I leave the computer?

What is Extended Session Time?

How will I know when my time is up?

What happens if I only use 30 minutes of my time?

How long can I be on the computer?

How much time do I have to log in to the computer once I have made a reservation?

How will I know when my computer is ready?

Are there advance reservations in person?

Are there advance reservations over the phone or over the Web?

Can I cancel my reservation?

I forgot my Library Card. How do I log on to the computer?

Do I really have to wait 1 hour when my name is in the Queue?

How am I identified in the Pharos system?

How do I get started using a public computer?

What does a teen or adult need to get on a public computer?

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