Senior Thesis Help for WBSHS Students

What’s a thesis?

A thesis is a statement or theory/argument that you have to prove and support with evidence. It can also be defined as a long essay that incorporates research to support your ideas/argument.

Don’t know how to get started? See below:

  • Dig into your interests: What subjects resonate with you? Look back at coursework you enjoyed, projects that engaged you, or even personal hobbies. Is there a question you’d love to explore further?
  • Define your question or hypothesis: What are you trying to understand or prove? Clearly articulate the central focus of your research.
  • Develop a research plan: Outline your plan of action, what kind of sources will you need and where can you find them?
  • Break it down: Divide your work into manageable steps and set realistic deadlines to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Do the Research: Immerse yourself in scholarly articles, books, and other relevant sources to understand the context, previous research, and potential contributions of your work.
  • Organize your research: Use good note-taking strategies to keep track of your sources and findings. You can even create a chart!
  • Write early and often: Don’t wait until the last minute to start writing. Draft sections as you research, even if they need revision later.
  • Prioritize self-care: Take breaks, manage stress, and maintain a healthy balance while working on your thesis.

Remember that writing is a process, it takes time!

Getting Started

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Get started using our free resources with your library card. If you don’t have one, you can check out How To Get a Library Card.

Below you’ll find resources that can help you with your Senior thesis!




Online Resources

Using your library card, you can access all of our free databases from home! See below for a description of each database. Click on the database to access.


Discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources for High School students.



Opposing Viewpoints


Get full-text articles, maps & videos to help with your senior thesis and other research papers.



World History Encyclopedia is one of the world’s most-read history publications with nearly 30 million annual readers. The encyclopedia is written at an academic level but is easy to read; we highlight the “story” aspect of history. Everything is searchable by keywords, categories, time periods and subject matter.




Need Help With Your Writing?


Online Writing Lab
Brainfuse’s Online writing lab is designed to help students become better
writers through a unique suite of services:

24 Hour Writing Lab: Students submit their writing through their secure
file sharing feature and within 24 hours, a writing specialist will evaluate it
according to a customized rubric. Rubric categories include:

  • response to task
  • organization
  • focus
  • word usage
  • grammar/mechanics

Live Feedback: Students who want more immediate feedback have
the option to login with a live tutor and use the file sharing feature to receive
live, one-to-one writing assistance.

Access to Live Writing Instructors: Writing experts help students
become better writers through live, one-to-one lessons.

 Administrative Oversight: A professor can view
submitted papers, responses from Brainfuse tutors, and suggested grades
(professors maintain ultimate grading authority).

Be sure to have your library card ready to access this resource!


In-House Resources


Readers Advisory & Book Display

Drop in any time and see a Librarian at the Adult Reference desk, we can help you find books and/or other resources to help you!

Tutor Tuesdays: Senior Thesis Edition

(For 12 grade/seniors – West Babylon School District)
If you have specific questions or would like to find resources one-on-one with Professor Peters, teens can drop in on Tuesdays between 4 and 8 pm!

Contact Youth Services

You can also contact the Youth Services Department via email with questions or to get started on searching for books and other resources!



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