Volunteer programs are only open to West Babylon School District residents in grades 6-12. Please follow the registration link to sign up for current volunteer opportunities. Be sure to check out other volunteer opportunities below! For more information you can email us at teen.department@wbpl.us.


Calling all Teens! We understand that we are living in unpredictable times and that social distancing has become our current status, that’s why our Teen Librarians have developed virtual volunteer opportunities  that you can do at home while practicing safe social distancing! All you need is a computer/tablet/smartphone, an email address and access to the internet/wifi to participate in these fun volunteer opportunities. Participation in any or all of these volunteer opportunities can be emailed to our Teen department: teen.department@wbpl.us.

See below for more details:

Volunteer Kits


Email or call us to pick up one of our Volunteer Kits. These to-go bags are filled with different community service projects that can be completed at home. Send a picture of your completed project or write-up, to teen.department@wbpl.us to receive volunteer credit. WB Cardholders only.


Muttigrees & Community Service


Did anyone decide to adopt recently? Share with us your Paws-some Pet Adoption Tails!” How did you rescue your furry friend? Review these FORMS, for the questionnaire, include a picture and email us your responses! Your story may help encourage others to adopt.


Make and bake dog biscuits using ingredients you (most likely) have at home (although each recipe has a list of ingredients and supplies in case you need to purchase). Send us a picture at teen.department@wbpl.us of your freshly baked goodies for the animal shelter! Check out the local shelter list on the last page and donate your dog biscuits! See the PDF below for instructions!

Make, Bake & Donate!


Junior Teen Advisory Group

Other virtual volunteer opportunities:


Teen Advisory Group


Our Junior T.A.G. is back – virtually!!! Open to Tweens in grades 6-8 who are interested in helping the Library! Help us develop fun virtual programs, ideas for curbside crafts, displays and so much more! Register online HERE.

Upcoming virtual meetings: March 23



Read & Review

Book reviews


Read and review because Teen opinions matter! Did you know you can gain community service hours just for reading?! Simply choose a book of your choice that you’re currently reading and review the questions on our evaluation form! You can simply email us the answers. Teens should submit one email for each book that you read. Teens will receive 2 hours of community service for each completed evaluation.


Flicks & Share

Flicks and Share! Watch any good shows or a great movie recently?! Other Teens want to know what you’re watching! Teens can answer the questionnaire below by emailing the teen department. Reviews will be posted on our Teen Talk and/or Tween page! Send in your review and receive 2 hours of community service. 

  1. What is the main plot of the show/movie? (Try not to give too much away!)
  2. How did you access this show/movie? (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ ?) 
  3. What is the best/appropriate age for someone to watch this show/movie? Or, what is it rated? 
  4. What did you like best and least about this show/movie? Would you recommend this show/movie? Why or why not?!

Make Your Mark!

Are you ready to Make Your MarkTeens can watch librarian-selected YouTube documentaries and/or TED Talks that allow teens to participate in environmental and social sustainability – while also practicing safe social distancing! Teens take a pledge just by participating in this program, becoming informed through documentaries/TED Talks, active participation in our discussions via a questionnaire and posting on social media, allowing teens to make the individual decision to help, spread awareness and “make their mark” within our community and the world. Teens will receive 3 hours of community service for each documentary and 2 hours for each TED Talk they participate in.

Watch this TEDxTeen Talk “Why Students Should Have Mental Health Days” by Hailey Hardcastle and answer the questions below:

  1. Define ‘good mental health’ in your own words.
  2. Do you believe students should take their own mental health days from school?
  3. How do you feel about House Bill 2191, that students can take mental health days from school and then they are recorded to try and keep track of students and their mental health?
  4. Do you think there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health?
  5. Are there mental health resources available at your school? If so, what are they? Do you find them helpful?
  6. If you haven’t already, check out our (WBPL’s) webpage dedicated to teen health and human rights HERE. Is there anything we can add?

Teens can email their answers to these questions to our teen email (teen.department@wbpl.us). Optional: To help spread awareness Teens can create a post on one of their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), to spread the word about what they’ve learned. Teens can get as creative as they like. It’s up to individual teens if they want to tag us in their social media post (the library only has Facebook and Instagram). 

Additional resources:

  • Check out Hailey’s Instagram account: hailey.hardcastle
  • Check out @theyouthline via Instagram
  • Check out virtual teen ebooks about mental health via Live-brary.com. Teens must have a valid library card/account to access ebooks/audio books through Live-brary.


Stay Active Stay Healthy!

Stay Active During Social Distancing! A great way to earn community service is to share your stories and give each other ideas on staying healthy, active and creative during this time. This can include exercise, crafts, art, music, photography, outside activities like gardening and anything that is healthy for mind and body. Teens can submit their answers to these questions (below) along with a picture(s), to teen.department@wbpl.us, and once approved, your ideas will be posted on our teen/tween pages. Teens will receive 2 hours of community service credit for each review:

  1. What are you doing during this period of social distancing to stay active and/or creatively busy? 
  2. How does this activity help you during this period of social distancing? 
  3. What would another teen need in order to accomplish this activity?
  4. What is your favorite part about this activity? 


Below is a list of volunteer opportunities that will continue once in-house Library programs resume. We miss all of our Teens and Tweens at WBPL and hope to see you soon!



*TAG is not currently meeting at the Library due to Covid**

Our Junior T.A.G. is open to Tweens in grades 6-8 who are interested in helping with various activities within the Library including: developing fun programs, choosing book displays for Tweens by Tweens and so much more! Our Junior T.A.G members meet every other month. Register online through our WEBSITE. Also, print and fill out our APPLICATION today so you can bring it to the next meeting!

Upcoming meetings: Junior TAG members do not meet during the summer months (June/July/August). Our next regularly schedule meeting will announced when we are back in action at the Library!



*TAG is not currently meeting at the Library due to Covid**

Our senior T.A.G. members (grades 9-12) conduct various activities within the Library including: creating our monthly YA book display, a monthly contest for the young adult area, choosing the “book of the month,” developing outreach programs and so much more! Print and fill out our APPLICATION today so you can bring it to the next meeting! No registration required.



Book Buddies



Teens entering grades 6-12 can volunteer and help a younger child read. This program is held every July. Look out for registration in June!





Summer Reading



Did you know that you can sign up and volunteer to help with many of our Children’s programs like the Children’s Winter and Summer Kickoff parties!? Fill out a form today (see above) to get started!





Craft Buddies


Love crafting!? Teens can sign up and volunteer to help younger children create crafts! This program is held once in the spring and once in the fall.





Holiday Gathering


At WBPL, winter is a special time! Volunteer at our annual community holiday event. Be one of Santa’s elves, help with raffle tickets/prizes, you can even lend a hand serving light refreshments. Whatever the task, help make this event magical!





Share with us your paws-some pet adoption “tails!” How did you rescue your furry friend? Fill out these FORMS, include a picture and drop off in the Children’s department. Remember, forms must be completed in order to receive volunteer credit. Your story may help encourage others to adopt!



Quick Picks
Read and review because Teen opinions matter! Did you know you can gain community service hours just for reading?! Simply choose a book from any Suffolk County Library, then print and complete our evaluation form! Please hand in one evaluation form for each book that you read. All evaluation forms should be given to the Adult Reference desk. Teens will receive 2 hours of community service for each completed evaluation. For Teens in grades 6-12.





Join Random Acts of Kindness during the school year! This program runs in September, November, January, March and May. Teens participate in different opportunities such as Cards for Hospitalized Kids, bookmarks for Homebound patrons and much more!




Science Buddies


A huge thank you to all of our teen volunteers this past February!

Love science? Then Science Buddies is right for you!  Teens are paired with children in grades 1-5 to help them learn and conduct fun experiments! Look out for this program in February 2020!






During the year, Teens can volunteer an hour of their time to cut coupons for our Troops! Hang out with friends and listen to music while giving something back to our military community!





community volunteers

Check out some of these Local Volunteer Opportunities!







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