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Writers-ClubThe Library’s Writers Club is a place where you can put your thoughts on paper! Enhance your writing skills, participate in free-writing exercises and get feedback on written work.

The Writer’s Club in-person meetings:
February 8, 11 am-1 pm
March 8, 11 am-1 pm



Virtual Writing Journal & Short Stories

Remember that writing is a creative and healthy way to reduce stress and we encourage our reading community to perhaps dabble in some of their very own writing. We hope you enjoy our journals and short stories, use it as a way to read and escape into the many pages! 

Stay safe and wellWBPL’s Writers Club

Click this LINK to read our new journal.

Short Stories by our Teen and Adult Writers at WBPL!
Simply click on a short story cover below and enjoy!

the first one

the meek shall inherit

the end of the story


Claymations by Key to Clay

What is a Claymation?
Claymation is a form of stop-motion animation where each animated piece, including characters and some backgrounds, is constructed out of a malleable substance, which is typically plasticine clay. Each frame is recorded on film and then played back in quick succession to give the appearance of movement.



Creative Writing Prompt: December

Attention writers! We will be posting a monthly writing prompt here each month:

Remember, there are no boundaries in creative writing! If you have writing (poems, free writing, short stories, etc.), you would like to submit for our virtual journal, please email Nicole Peters at teen.department@wbpl.us.

Self Publishing Tools for eBooks


  • Direct
  • Free to Upload
  • Royalties: 70% on ebooks priced between $2.99 -$9.99 OR 35% if priced below $2.99

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s self-publishing platform (not to be confused with ‘Amazon Publishing,’ their division that operates like a traditional publisher). Any author can self-publish using KDP, though you’ll need to do it manually yourself. Please be aware that Amazon KDP is not the same as Amazon KDP Select. KDP Select is Amazon’s exclusivity program — meaning that, if you choose to enroll in it, you can only sell your book on Amazon; In exchange for this, Amazon will give you access to Kindle deals and free promotions and/or enrollment in Kindle unlimited.



  • Direct
  • Free to Upload
  • Royalties: 70% on most ebooks

Apple founded its self-publishing service in 2010. Though Amazon has surpassed it as the foremost ebook reading platform since then, Apple Books still gets a fair amount of eyes. Using iBooks Author, self-publishing authors can quite easily upload their titles onto Apple Books, all without having to pay a fee!



  • Direct
  • Free to Upload
  • Royalties: 70% on ebooks priced above $0.99

As you might expect, Barnes & Noble Press (formerly known as NOOK Press) is the self-publishing platform belonging to the big box bookseller. B&N Press is easy to use and it’s free to upload your book. Exclusivity is not required to publish with B&N Press. It’s important to note that you can set your book for free on this platform. What’s more, Barnes & Noble is still working on innovating and adding new features for self-published writers. In January 2021, B&N Press introduced an ad portal to help new authors to create marketing campaigns on the Barnes & Noble website for their books.

Writing Resources @ Your Library

Writing/Publishing Websites  
Literary MarketplaceNew PagesWriting It Real
Absolute WireWrite DirectionsWriter's Digest
Writing WorldThe WriterLiterary Arts
Writers NetBackspaceCouncil of Literary Magazines & Presses
Authors GuildNational Writers UnionAssociation of Writers & Writing Programs
Writers and Editors
Writers.Net Agents
Poets and Writers Agents
Writing Programs/Tools
Yarny Just Write




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