Library of Things User Agreement

By entering your first and last name you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Library of Things User Agreement below:


In accommodation to Suffolk County library patrons, The West Babylon Public Library will lend out digital devices and equipment to library patrons aged 18 years and older. A valid West Babylon Public Library card with no outstanding fines and no lost or billed items is required and all borrowing patrons must sign the borrowing agreement. A maximum of 2 items per library card may be borrowed at a time.

  • Borrowed digital devices or equipment must be returned directly to Circulation desk. Items may NOT be returned to the library drop box nor to any library other than the West Babylon Public Library.
  • Overdue laptops will be deactivated within 24 hours of the due date. You will be instructed to return the device to the library.
  • Storage media that complement any device must be cleared of any content you have created before returning the equipment. The West Babylon Public Library and its employees will not be deemed responsible for any material remaining on any devices.
  • All user files must be saved to a cloud storage account or to a removable data storage device. All downloaded files will be cleared at the end of a browsing session.
  • Patrons borrowing wifi hotspots or laptops agree to use the Internet for lawful purposes only; to refrain from viewing pornographic or obscene material; to refrain from engaging in maliciously offensive, libelous or slanderous activity; and to refrain from violating copyright laws or software licensing agreements.
  • A wifi connection is required to use a streaming device. Since content is streamed over the Internet, the device will not function without an Internet connection. The Library is not responsible for any costs incurred while borrowers use the equipment.
  • Each streaming device is preloaded with selected accounts and content, in accordance with Library collection policies. Borrowers may not download or delete any titles, accounts, or content from streaming devices. Patrons may not attempt to log-out of the Library’s account and into their own account on the streaming device.
  • The late fee for digital devices and equipment is $10 per day. If the item is not returned within 7 days after the due date, the patron will be fined full replacement charges for the item and all accompanying materials (see table for details). Internet service to wifi hotspots will be turned off if not returned by the due date. Items are not renewable.
  • As with all library materials, once you have checked out Library-owned digital devices or equipment, you are responsible for the care of it and any supplemental materials included in the kit. If any of the Library’s property is lost or damaged, it will be your responsibility to provide the cost of a repair or replacement.
  • Patrons will be assessed a $10 cleaning fee for any devices or equipment that are returned and not completely clean or cleared of content, if applicable.

In consideration of my borrowing equipment or a digital device from the West Babylon Public Library, I agree to take full responsibility for the item and its accessories. I agree to pay the replacement or repair costs of the items that are lost or damaged. I will hold the Library harmless in the event that I choose to attach a borrowed device to my personal computer, phone, television or other electronic device and the device, my personal computer, phone, television or other electronic device malfunctions or results in loss of data. I have read and understand the Library of Things Terms and Conditions and agree to borrow this device or equipment according to the terms and conditions set forth above.

Item: Kit





Overdue Fee:

(Per Day)

Mobile Hotspot $100.00 14 days $10
Memory Kit: Remembering the 1940’s & 1950’s $100.00 14 days $10
Memory Kit: Remembering Comedians $100.00 14 days $10
Memory Kit: Fun and Games $100.00 14 days $10
Memory Kit: Remembering Dogs $150.00 14 days $10
Sunpin Portable DVD Player $70.00 14 days $10
Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner $40.00 14 days $10
General Tools MMD43 Digital Moisture Meter $35.00 14 days $10
CEM DT 8666 Thermal Leak Detector $50.00 14 days $10
P3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Monitor $75.00 14 days $10
Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector  $100.00 14 days $10
Kala Makala Ukulele $100.00 14 days $10
Doxie Go SE Wifi Scanner $225.00   14 days          $10
Portable Digital Luggage Scale $10.00   14 days          $10
YA201 Car Error Code Reader $25.00   14 days          $10
Bucket Ball Yard Game $60.00   14 days          $10
Kan Jam Disc Throwing Game $40.00   14 days          $10
Bocce Ball Set $40.00   14 days          $10
Ladder Toss Lawn Game $40.00   14 days          $10
Giant Tumbling Timber Toy  $55.00   14 days $10
Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game  $200.00   14 days $10
Cornhole Toss Game  $40.00   14 days $10
Roku Streaming Device $60.00   14 days $10
Yard Pong $50.00 14 days $10
Giant Ring Toss Game 1 $30.00 14 days $10
Yardzee $65.00 14 days $10
Chromebook Computer Learning Kit $280.00 14 days $10
Karaoke Machine      $240.00   14 days           $10
Coin Counter      $200.00 14 days $10
Record Player $50.00 14 days $10
Ring Light $40.00 14 days $10
Spikeball $100.00 14 days $10
Binoculars $70.00 14 days $10
Bubble Machine $30.00 14 days $10
Singer Sewing Machine $210.00 14 days $10
Slide & Scan Digital Film Scanner $200.00 14 days $10
Pickleball $120.00 14 days $10
Giant Sorry Game $20.00 14 days $10
Giant Candy Land Game $25.00 14 days $10
Volleyball/Badminton Combo Game $100.00 14 days $10
Giant Ring Toss Game 2 $20.00 14 days $10
Inflatable Movie Projection Screen $120.00 14 days $10
Outdoor Games Set $30.00 14 days $10
Portable Easel Display Stand $30.00 14 days $10
Go Pro Hero 11 $425 14 days $10
GooDee Video Projector $200 14 days $10
Kodak PIXPRO Digital Camera $215 14 days $10
Bird Watching Kit $250 14 days $10
Portable DVD Player $90 14 days $10
Elgato Video Capture $105 14 days $10
USB Travel Adapter $20 14 days $10
Cricut Joy $150 14 days $10
Dekopro Household Hand Tool Set $60 14 days $10
Bingo Set $30 14 days $10
Wen Jian Disc Golf Set $25 14 days $10
Power Engraver $25 14 days $10


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